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Scandia by Process Type Foundry

Begum by Indian Type Foundry


Created in collaboration with StudioA and Proa team.

Special Thanks to

Eric Olson to donate Scandia font family.
Satya Rajpurohit to donate Begum font family.
Iván Salinero & Antonio Sorrentino from Phoss Agency for their non-profit initiative.

Claudia and Paloma for their strategy vision.

Anapaula, Ingrid and all the fantastic Proa team to make this project real.

All the new volunteers to join new causes to make a better tomorrow.

At the beginning of the pandemic we were honoured to be part of a non-profit initiative that connects inspiring social ideas to creatives. After receiving many candidates, the jury selection process connected us with Proa to help them renew its visual identity.


Their current logo had the key of the new system. Two shapes coming together to join their forces for a greater purpose. We just liberate these shapes from the logo constrains to expand this collaboration concept to the whole identity, creating a system of containers to become a more active brand.


The colour system is based on 6 different samples, from high contrast tones to warm grays and white as its base, but they react differently, depending on what area of the brand needs to be active.